Dog owners begs for witnesses

Dog owner Alun Thomas is begging for witnesses to come forward after the tragic death of his Boxer – Staffy cross, Nicky, on Tuesday.

The dog was inside Mr Thomas transit van as he and other workmen loaded a trailer with earth after doing work on someones garden.

During a three minute window throughout the work, two men stole the van from Bryn Eglyr in Morriston and drove it towards the motorway.

Upon realising that the dog was inside, they threw her out onto the M4 motorway, Swansea Road, where she was subsequently hit by a lorry and killed.

Mr Thomas, who has cared for the seven year old dog for five years, said that she followed him everywhere.

“It’s terrible – the dog lived with me and went everywhere with me.”

“The people who threw the dog onto the motorway were wrong. I just want them caught.”

The owner has urged anyone who witnessed the incident to call South Wales Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 111 555.


‘K’ marks the spot of dog thefts in Cheshire

Gangs of dog thieves in the Alsager area, Chesire, have been identifying their victims with a letter ‘K’ on their driveways, police revealed.

Lookouts have been leaving a ‘K’ in crayon or spray paint in owners driveways to identify houses with valuable dogs that are worth stealing and selling.

Burglars then return later and take the dogs in an online black market trade, selling them for thousands of pounds a time.

Police estimate that there has been a 17 per cent increase in dog thefts in the UK over the last year, with 3,500 thefts reported in 2012.

Dog thieves regularly steal from back gardens or outhouses but there has been an increase in dog thefts from inside houses and on dog walks.

The RSPCA has suggested that owners report any suspicious behaviour to the police, and that dogs should be supervised while in a secure garden.

It is also highly advisable that dog owners get their dogs microchipped; although it is hard to find dogs once they are stolen, there are a number of cases where new owners have taken their dog to the vets and found out via the microchip that they belong to someone else.

There are a number of breeds being targeted including trained working dogs, chihuahuas and other ‘designer’ breeds, fighting dogs and, more recently, there has been a rise in the theft of cocker spaniels after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge adopted one of their own.

New dog mounted cameras

Sony has created a new dog harness that allows owners to mount cameras onto their canines backs.

According to, the new harness gives owners the chance to film from a canine point of view as their furry friend explores the world from ground level.

The camera is waterproof and shockproof, just in case your friend gets themselves into trouble, and is created to withstand some serious activity.

So far the new harness is only available for the Sony HDR-AS15 camera and only fits medium size dogs (those with a girth of between 50 and 80cm) so shipping is required for any UK dog owners wishing to experiment with the new gadget.


Hungarian Vizsla enjoys grass with special new boots

11-year-old Hungarian Vizsla, Millie, is now enjoying walks again thanks to special boots which help her to overcome her grass allergy.

Millie is allergic to wheat, soya, rice, gluten and cats, but her grass allergy is particularly severe, causing her to break out in painful lumps and a rash after contact with a single blade.

Her owner, Vicki Painter, has spend more than ¬£10,000 on medication and special food to try and overcome her pooch’s severe allergy, but has had no luck.

As a last resort, Vicki invested in a pair of special boots made out of neoprene. The boots have velcro straps to attach to Millie’s ankles which allows her to walk, run, swim and play in comfort.

Grass allergy is a form of contact allergy, something not commonly seen in pets. Removing the offending chemical or irritant from the dog is often the only preventative measure. Of course, that’s highly difficult in the case of grass.

Millie’s new dog shoes may look unconventional, but they have given her the opportunity to enjoy the outside world for the remaining years of her life.