Vets warn of mystery New Forest poison

A mystery toxin that is responsible for the deaths of at least 12 dogs is thought to have poisoned two more pets in the New Forest.

The two recent cases, which occurred a year after the initial outbreaks, have seen one dog die and another struggling to fight the toxin.

Many of the initial fatalities occurred between December 2012 and March 2013, suggesting that the toxin may be seasonal.

But despite the high number of fatalities, experts are no closer to identifying the toxin, which causes skin lesions and acute kidney failure.

Local vets have warned dog owners to be vigilant when walking in the forest throughout the winter and spring seasons.

Vet David Walker of Winchester-based Anderson Moores said: “Some of the first cases were presented this time last year and it’s incredibly concerning that it might be starting again.”

He continued:

“Our message to pet owners is to be vigilant and consult a vet immediately if their dog develops skin lesions.”

Dog owners across other parts of the UK have also been warned of the mystery toxin after cases have been reported in Cornwall, County Durham and Surrey.


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