Devoted dog owners fuel high street boom

Households across the UK are still struggling to beat the aftermath of the recession, but more and more dog owners are finding the money to splash out on their canine companions.

Despite general high street troubles there has been nearly a 10% increase in the number of pet shops open in the UK in the past two years. According to the Local Data Company, chains such as Pets at Home, Pets corner and PamPurred Pets have all expanded since 2012.

Analysts Euromonitor have also found that the amount spent on pet food and care products is up by 4%, while a number of high street supermarkets have expanded their pet ranges to fill the rapidly increasing demand from owners.

Dog services are benefitting from the latest pet boom, too, with daycare centres for dogs, walking services and dog bakeries opening up across the UK. Wannabe dog groomers are also enjoying the growth, with the number of people qualifying increasing by 75% over the past two years.

Head of pet care at Euromonitor, Paula Flores believes that many of the 9.5 million single-person households and 7.5 million couples without children are looking for pets as “replacements” for partners or children. She said: “More people treat their pets as a member of the family and are willing to give them nothing but the best.”



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