Review: 3Peaks Rambler coat

This weekend we were lucky enough to visit the lovely Black Mountains in Wales, which offered us the perfect opportunity to give Lily’s 3Peaks Rambler coat a thorough testing.

Priced at around £12.00 to £15.00 depending on size, the Rambler certainly isn’t the most expensive coat on the market, and in our opinion it’s worth every penny.


The 3Peaks Rambler is advertised as being water resistant, wind resistant and breathable. Of course, it’s tricky for us to comment on the latter two, but we were able to test its resistance to water thanks to our water-loving spaniel.

Many spaniel owners will have the same problem – dog spots water, they’re straight in. But we were almost shocked by the level of water resistance demonstrated by the Rambler. Not only did it keep the rain off Lily’s back, but even after fully submerged for around 6 seconds the area covered by the coat remained bone dry.

But this water resistance doesn’t impact on the overall design – the coat was adjustable so wasn’t too tight around her stomach and it also features a soft fleecy underside, which I imagine is more comfortable than the exterior material alone when wet.

Aside from the water resistance, the coat also provides visibility strips, albeit thin ones, to make sure you can spot your furry friend, and its also machine washable so its easy to wash off a day’s walking.

All in all, the 3Peaks Rambler is a great buy and certainly an item we’d recommend to any dog owner with a water-loving canine!


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