Review: Pooch & Mutt’s Bionic Biotic supplement powder


I was recently given the opportunity to try a three-week trial of Pooch & Mutt’s Bionic Biotic supplement powder. Wheat free, 100% natural and with an ethical award to its name, Bionic Biotic has been developed to promote healthy skin (no itching or redness) and solid stools.

I completed the trial with my 4-year-old cocker spaniel Lily who suffers from sensitive skin and requires a specialist shampoo just to prevent excessive flaking. Naturally, I was a little dubious that a natural supplement could have a noticeable effect so rapidly but I was quickly proven wrong.

After around two weeks I realised that Lily’s persistent scratching and rolling in the grass had ceased and her sensitive skin was a natural colour, rather than the pink I’m used to. Not only that, but her coat had more of a shine than usual, perhaps due to the Omega 3 & 6 contained in the supplement.

I also noticed very quickly that Lily’s stools looked far healthier than they had previously. Although I’d never been concerned, they were now far more consistent and looked the epitome of healthy digestion.

There are a number of ingredients included in the supplement that promote benefits I sadly couldn’t measure, including nutrients for coat growth, immunity and maintaining an optimum weight. Although, having seen the results, I have no doubt the powder is silently achieving these goals without my noticing.

The supplement itself comes in the form of a pale powder with no real smell to it at all and the packet is resealable, which makes it easier to keep it fresh.  Pooch & Mutt also provide an alternative supplement, Mobile Bones, which is perfect for older, injured or working dogs and promotes joint comfort and strong bones.

I can’t recommend Bionic Biotic enough, and if your dog suffers from itchy/sensitive skin or digestion problems it’s definitely worth a try at only £9.99 for a 200g pack, particularly in light of the company’s money back guarantee.

For more information about the product or it’s many natural ingredients please visit their website via the link below:


Couple marry after guide dogs ‘fell in love’

A couple who got together after their guide dogs “fell in love” in 2012 have married.

Claire Johnson, 50, and Mark Gaffey, 21, met after their Labradors Venice and Rodd took a shine to each other during a two-week guide dog training course.

Ms Johnson said the pair had been the “class love story”, constantly playing and nuzzling throughout the course. “Everyone used to joke about how Mark’s dog Rodd and my dog Venice were meant to be together,” she said.

After Claire and Mark were paired with their dogs, the couple continued to meet to avoid keeping the dogs apart, and eventually Mr Gaffey proposed on Valentine’s Day in 2013.

Venice and Rodd attended the couples ceremony in Stoke-on-Trent on Saturday 22nd March, and even acted as ring-bearers.

Ms Johnson said she has no doubt that they were brought together by the dogs, and that all four are “best friends and soul mates”.

Police warns owners after North London dog poisonings

Police in North London are urging dog owners to be vigilant following a spate of dog poisoning in the local area.

Warnings have also been released by RSPCA in Brent after three dogs died and four were taken ill since the beginning of 2014.

One of the incidents, which took place in Kingsbury, saw one dog die after ingesting blue tablets left near a lay-by. A further two incidents involved poisoned meat, which had been left in undergrowth in the area.

Simon Osbourne, chief inspector for the RSPCA, said: “We are very concerned to hear these reports. Poisoning is a cruel and inhumane way for an animal to die and one which would have caused these dogs a great deal of suffering.”

According to the police, dogs affected by the poison will show symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, increased urination, excessive salivation and difficulty breathing. Less notable symptoms may also include contraction or dilation of pupils and tearing of the eyes.

If you believe your dog may have been poisoned, contact your local vet immediately.

Dog rescued from deep hole in Derby

A trapped Yorkshire Terrier has been rescued by the RSPCA and the fire service after a member of the public heard her crying for help from a 10ft hole in Derby wasteland.

The tiny terrier, named Peanut, is thought to have been dumped in the former Rolls-Royce factory site, and RSPCA inspector Chris Shaw believes that she would have “perished away” if she hadn’t been found.

“I walked over, I found her, and then I shone my torch down this large hole, it was at least 10ft deep, and sure enough here was this little dog,” said Mr Shaw. “She just started to scream, and scream and scream, obviously wanting to get out as soon as possible.”

Peanut is now being looked after by the RSPCA in Derby and appears to have no injuries to show for her traumatic experience.

Mr Shaw has asked that anyone with any information regarding previous owners of the dog contacts the RSPCA as soon as possible.

Hero dog welcomed home after protecting family from intruders

A dog who was shot twice by intruders during a Los Angeles break in is finally back home with her family after undergoing charity-funded surgery.

Charlie and her two siblings encountered the burglars at their South California home, and bravely protected their owners by chasing them down the street.

However, one of the burglars shot towards the home as they escaped, hitting Charlie twice in her front and back right legs.

After police arrived at the scene, Charlie was taken by Animal Control to the North Central Shelter as her owners were not able to afford emergency veterinary care on their own. Here, Charlie was cared for by a technician, who reached out to the North Central Shelter Intervention Program, which helps owners finds resources for pets. 

After Charlie was accepted by the program, a crowd funding page was set up to help find the money for the medical attention she needed. More than $8,000 dollars was raised, double the goal specified on the site. 

With the money raised, Charlie underwent surgery to have one of her legs amputated and is now safety back with her owner, who is incredibly grateful to the shelter and to Charlie, who she said saved the lives of her children.

If you’d like to donate to Charlie’s fund, please visit her crowd funding page or email


Review: Pet Munchies Natural Dog Treats

As our recent silence may have suggested, we’ve recently been away and unable to spread canine news. However, a week-long visit to the Lake District gave us the perfect opportunity to test some new doggy products.

The first products we chose to test were a selection of treats from the Pet Munchies Natural Dog Treat collection. Featuring eight flavours, these particular treats are high in protein and low in fat, ideal for keeping your furry friend happy without increasing their waistline.

All of the treats in the collection are slow roasted in their own juices, which preserves the flavour and the smell of the main ingredient. And having spent a week handling them, I can confirm that they smell incredibly tasty…

All of the treats are made with 100% real meat – no additives or extra ingredients, just meat. This makes them perfect for even the fussiest of dogs and our cocker couldn’t get enough, despite her hatred of conventional dog treats and her love of sheep, which were often our signal to dig into the treat bag.

While away, we tried the chicken breast fillets and duck strips, both of which were snapped up at every opportunity. However, there are also six other flavours, including:

  • Ocean white fish strips
  • Beef liver
  • Chicken chips (perfect for the smaller dog)
  • Chicken strips
  • Duck breast fillets
  • Chicken and calcium bones

Each bag is also resealable, making them ideal for walks and easy to store in a cupboard.

If you’re looking for a low fat natural dog treat that will drive you canine wild, these are a great option and are available for the very reasonable price of around £2.75.

Retriever becomes 14th victim of mystery poisonings

Five-year-old flat-coated retriever Erin has become the 14th victim of a mysterious toxin that’s claiming the lives of dogs in the New Forest and elsewhere in the south of the country.

The first sign of the disease, which so far has no name, includes lesions on the lower legs and feet, followed by kidney failure, which sets in two to seven days later.

Erin contracted the illness at St Catherine’s near Christchurch, Dorset, after which a blood test found a high level of toxicity and sent her to a specialist in Winchester.

Erin was put not a drip but as her condition worsened her owner, Tracy Graham, made the decision to put her down.

She said: “Her sore became really nasty but I couldn’t find a thorn or anything anywhere as I thought she had become infected. Unfortunately nobody told me to get her blood tested every day after she became ill. It may have picked up the toxin earlier and who knows – she could have been saved”

“When she began vomiting I just said ‘Please, put her down now’. It wasn’t fair on poor Erin.”

Since December 2013, 14 dogs have been killed by the disease, with five confirmed and seven unconfirmed cases in the New Forest.