Soldier saves bomb dog from death sentence

Soldier Angie McDonnell has saved the life of a bomb-hunting dog that she served alongside in Afghanistan.

While posted at Camp Bastion, Ms McDonnell worked with Vidar, who sniffed out a haul of enemy weapons and saved the lives of British soldiers on a number of occasions.

However, the four-year-old Belgian Malinois faced being put down after he was diagnosed with post-traumatic strew disorder following his two tours abroad.

After hearing the news, army medic Ms McDonnell made it her mission to adopt Vidar and bring him back to her home in South Wales. “He saved my life so it’s only fair that I did what I could to save his,” she said.

She continued: “The dogs out there are heroes and I knew from the first moment I saw him that he was a one-in-a-million. He looked like he needed a cuddle so I went into his kennel and rubbed his belly.

Vidar is now enjoying a happy retirement at Ms McDonnell’s home in Barry in the Vale of Glamorgan.





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