Second Dog Dies After Suspected Antifreeze Poisoning

A nine-year-old staffordshire bull terrier is thought to have become the second victim of antifreeze poisoning after dying shortly after a daily dog walk in Ruislip February.

Molly had just completed a regular walk around Ruislip when she became listless, agitated and tired – symptoms also displayed by labrador Ollie when he was killed by antifreeze poisoning in Ruislip on 10 January.

Although Molly’s owner Miss Wilson decided against further tests to determine the toxin, her friend and dog walker Ms Woolf has stated that Molly’s symptoms were similar to those of Ollie the labrador.

She said: “We didn’t know anything about the symptoms at the time, but after I read about Ollie and the symptoms of antifreeze poisoning, they absolutely 100% applied to Molly.”

Miss Wilson has spoken of her devastation following the incident. “We had Molly nearly a decade, she came first before the kids. She wasn’t ready to go, she was fit and healthy,” she said. “This is a horrible tragedy.”

Hillingdon Council has put up notices around the Ruislip area to draw dog walkers’ attention to the suspected poisonings, urging owners to contact them with any information.


Abandoned dog to be rehomed

A dog that became known as the Paddington Bear of the canine world after being abandoned at a railway station with his belongings in a suitcase is due to be rehomed today.

Kai the Shar Pei became an internet sensation last month after he was tied up and left at Ayr railway station, reportedly following the failure of an arranged sale through internet classified ads site Gumtree.

Shortly after he was abandoned, Kai became the star of a new PETA advert encouraging potential owners to adopt animals responsibly rather than buy them online.

Since being rescued by the Scottish SPCa Kai has also undergone a £600 operation to fix a problem with his eyelids, which was paid for from the £6,000 fund raised for him via an online campaign.

Kai is now fully recovered from his operation and is expected to leave the Scottish SPCA’s Glasgow Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Cardonald this afternoon to be rehomed.