Hungarian Vizsla enjoys grass with special new boots

11-year-old Hungarian Vizsla, Millie, is now enjoying walks again thanks to special boots which help her to overcome her grass allergy.

Millie is allergic to wheat, soya, rice, gluten and cats, but her grass allergy is particularly severe, causing her to break out in painful lumps and a rash after contact with a single blade.

Her owner, Vicki Painter, has spend more than £10,000 on medication and special food to try and overcome her pooch’s severe allergy, but has had no luck.

As a last resort, Vicki invested in a pair of special boots made out of neoprene. The boots have velcro straps to attach to Millie’s ankles which allows her to walk, run, swim and play in comfort.

Grass allergy is a form of contact allergy, something not commonly seen in pets. Removing the offending chemical or irritant from the dog is often the only preventative measure. Of course, that’s highly difficult in the case of grass.

Millie’s new dog shoes may look unconventional, but they have given her the opportunity to enjoy the outside world for the remaining years of her life.