Dog rescued from deep hole in Derby

A trapped Yorkshire Terrier has been rescued by the RSPCA and the fire service after a member of the public heard her crying for help from a 10ft hole in Derby wasteland.

The tiny terrier, named Peanut, is thought to have been dumped in the former Rolls-Royce factory site, and RSPCA inspector Chris Shaw believes that she would have “perished away” if she hadn’t been found.

“I walked over, I found her, and then I shone my torch down this large hole, it was at least 10ft deep, and sure enough here was this little dog,” said Mr Shaw. “She just started to scream, and scream and scream, obviously wanting to get out as soon as possible.”

Peanut is now being looked after by the RSPCA in Derby and appears to have no injuries to show for her traumatic experience.

Mr Shaw has asked that anyone with any information regarding previous owners of the dog contacts the RSPCA as soon as possible.


Dog reunited with owner after a night on a Lake District mountain


An owner has been reunited with his dog after he survived a 500ft fall on a Lake District mountain.

Bonnie the dog was left to endure a night of severe weather on Caudale Head after a whiteout caused owner to fall, leaving him unable to search for her.

Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called out to help the walker, who was left with only minor injuries after his 500ft drop, but the team had to wait until the following morning before they could begin searching for Bonnie.

The following day, five members of the team and Bonnie’s owner climbed back up the mountain and used snow shovels, avalanche transceivers and ice-axes to work their way through the snow.

A spokesperson from Patterdale MRT said: “After an hour of searching – and slipping and falling – the team spotted a dog sitting on a small rocky outcrop.

“Amazingly, the dog had survived the night, and with a bacon sandwich inside her and some dog treats she was able to walk down the steep mountainside to be reunited with her master.

“Patterdale mountain rescue team would like to remind those venturing into the fells that full on winter conditions exist on many high fell tops.”


Unwanted Christmas puppies face abandonment

We all remember the television campaign, but it seems that many people still think of dogs as the perfect Christmas present, without considering the long term commitment.

Leading animal charity RSPCA fears that a number of puppies are already being abandoned after finding a puppy dumped in a pillowcase under the M53.

The puppy, believed to be a Staffordshire Bull terrier cross-breed, was handed to the RSPCA in Wirral last week after a passer-by found her tied to the motorway bridge.

A black Shar Pei was also discovered nearby, fuelling the charities concerns.

RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes has highlighted the importance of responsible ownership. He said: “People don’t realise that it is a criminal matter to just dump a pet you are responsible for and if caught, you will be put in front of magistrates.“

He continued: “A sad scared little puppy dumped and left to die in freezing weather, it’s appalling. If people want a pet then they should, after a lot of thought, concentrate wholeheartedly on being a good owner and meeting the animal’s needs.”

Thankfully, this puppy’s ordeal is now over, and she has been taken in by Wirral and Chester RSPCA where staff say she is doing well.

Microchip reunites family after 10 years apart

Microchipping has proved itself a worthwhile investment for one family after they were reunited with their Staffordshire Bull terrier following ten years apart.

Sion Cox was only 11-years-old when his beloved pet Chance went missing, but despite putting up posters, Sion’s mother, Julie Coombes, was unable to locate their pet and the family gave up hope of seeing him again.

But 10 years later, Chance was found in a city centre underpass and taken to a dogs home, where he was scanned for a microchip.

After the scan revealed the family’s name and address, the dogs home contacted Julie and told her that Chance had been found.

She said: “We went to the dog’s home and recognised Chance straight away. It was very emotional seeing him again after 10 years, but I am certain he recognised us.”

Sion, who is now 21-years-old, was delighted to be reunited with his pet after such a long time apart. He said: “It’s crazy, I never thought he would come back, at all.”

If you would like to get your pet microchipped contact your local vet or search online for free microchipping events in your local area.



RSPCA appeal for Swansea dog owner

The RSPCA are appealing for the owner of a lost dog to come forward after it was left on a train in Swansea.

The dog, a small brown Chihuahua, was left on a train that terminated at Swansea station on Thursday 16 January. It was found in a carry case on the Arriva Trains’ Manchester Piccadilly to Carmarthen service.

The RSPCA, who received the dog from train staff, have said that the dog does not have a tag and, although micro-chipped, the pet log has been unable to trace an owner. The dog is thought to be elderly but is in good health.

Inspector Nic De Celis said: “There could be someone out there who is missing this dog and is frantic with worry and we’d really like to reunite them with their pet.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999 leaving details for Insp Nic De Celis 732.