Does dog food lead to bad behaviour?

Many dog owners feed their pet dog food, but experts are now warning that some of the most popular products, which contain only four per cent meat, cause bad behaviour.

According to a recent analysis of popular brands carried out by website, many are also missing easily digested nutritional carbohydrates, beneficial vegetables, fruit and herbs.

Pet trainer and behaviourist Louise Glazebrook believes that this could lead to  “lacking focus, scavenging and suffering from hyperactivity” in dogs, and blames poor nutrition for many bad habits seen in dogs.

Website founder David Jacks, a former pet industry nutritionist, agrees. He said: “Pet food manufacturers have been able to get away with producing frankly awful foods for our pets.”

The UK’s second biggest dog food brand Bakers was awarded the lowest score on the website of 0.1 out of five, which claimed ingredients included oils and fats, various sugars and colourants.